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Siput Moci:
Rare Seafood Dining

Welcome to Siput Moci, where the freshest seafood catch meets affordability. It offers rare and exquisite seafood you won’t find easily in Peninsula Malaysia, providing guests with a unique dining experience. Siput Moci takes pride in being a 100% pork-free and Muslim-friendly restaurant, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the delectable cuisine happily. Today, we invite you to unveil the secret behind its success.

Year Established
Business Type
Seafood Restaurant
Sunway Giza Mall,
Petaling Jaya
Product Used
QubeXE Solution
QubePos Hardware

Unique Obstacles Faced by Siput Moci on Their Journey to Success

Siput Moci faced a major obstacle – the unpredictable availability of seasonal seafood. This presented a constant difficulty for them, as their menu had to adapt to the changing seafood offerings.

Conventional POS systems let them down by requiring a set menu in advance. This limited their ability to satisfy their customers’ desires and prevented them from fully embracing the joy of customizing seafood dishes.

Rewrite the Rules of Seafood Customization

Siput Moci now has the freedom to update its menu frequently and cater to the availability of various seafood options. Our solutions empower them to adapt to the ever-changing bounty of the ocean effortlessly. 

Touchscreen Ordering System

Allows staff to select the specific type of seafood customers want efficiently.

Customization Options

Can handle customization requests, such as allowing customers to choose the cooking style and sauce for their seafood orders.

Kitchen Printer Integration

Kitchen staff can receive printed tickets with all the order details, including the type of seafood, cooking style, and sauce customization.

Payment Processing

Enable customers to pay conveniently using various payment methods like cash, cards, or mobile payments.

Flexible Menu Setup

Update the menu according to the seafood season. This includes adding new items, removing or modifying existing items, and adjusting prices.

Retail Management Integration

Include inventory management, product pricing, reporting and analytics, and sales tracking for the restaurant's retail side.

Reporting and Analytics

Offer insights into the financial performance, popular menu, peak hours, and customer preferences of the restaurant.

We manage both retail and restaurant businesses under one POS system. QubePos allows us to manage our seafood business effortlessly.

Ms. Esther, Founder of Siput Moci Sunway Giza

Photo Gallery of Siput Moci

Take a moment to explore the captivating moments of Siput Moci.

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