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QubePos Cloud is now available in Malaysia

Daily Business Operations

A powerful point-of-sale system that is able to provide multi-functionality and flexibility features based on your needs and demand.

The features including:

  • Cash flow management
  • Sales tracking & reporting
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Table management
  • Custom combos and menu modifiers
  • Employee management

Contactless Digital Menu And Ordering

Customer will simply scan the QR code using their phone and they will be able to place an order and make payment directly without having to call for waiter.

The features include:

  • Menu showcase
  • Fast order process 
  • Discounts and promotion 
  • Payment on the spot 
  • Contactless orders

Kitchen Display System

Send orders straight from your POS to the Kitchen Display Screen without needing to shout over the pass.

The features include:

  • Instant order sync 
  • Colored item indicators 
  • Configurable display 
  • Preparation status
  • Bump bars

Real-time Tracking & Analytics

Tracking, monitoring & analyzing your day-to-day restaurant sales, expenses, and profile on a real-time, daily, weekly and monthly .

The features include:

  • Multiple Reports
  • End-Of-Day Reports
  • User Report
  • Accounting
  • Mobile Live Reporting
  • Cash Drawers

See How QubePos Cloud Works

From accounting and integrated payments to CRM and staff management, QubePos offers the tools you need and the integrations you desire to run the business you want.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Digital Menu Scanning

Point of Sales

Customer Facing Display

Customer Calling Display

Kitchen Display System

Inventory Management

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