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Mobile Live Reporting

Get data and analytics in ‘real time’, which improves your daily operations and means you can react more quickly to a wider range of events.

Analyze your business in real-time

No more having to lug along your laptop or be tethered to your desktop computer, now you can quickly pull up the business data on your phone, for a mobile reporting business intelligence experience.

Get actionable insights

Monitor sales performance through fully customizable, real-time dashboards. Make consolidated decisions through empirical data rather than intuitive decision-making.

Measure what matters most

Get a better understanding of business performance with complete end-to-end visibility of key metrics. Select the widgets that best offer the insights you need. 

Access easy-to-read dashboards

In just a few clicks, customize your dashboard and configure the data to meet your specific needs.

From any device, anywhere

QubeLive Mobile Reporting is an add-on feature and can be used together with QubePos retail or restaurant solutions. Now you can access your business performance globally, all in one place by accessing Live Reports on any device — computer, mobile, or tablet.

Experience business intelligence reporting
on your mobile

Giving you access to business insights on-the-go, wherever you are. Seriously, you could be reporting from the beach or your bed.

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