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Self-Checkout Kiosk

Say goodbye to long lines and say hello to the future of payment. Let your customers place orders and pay themselves with a Self-Checkout Kiosk.

Always Ready to Serve

With QubeExpress Self-Checkout Solution, you can streamline customer flow and reduce wait times, all while boosting revenue. Our state-of-the-art technology shortens lines and serves shoppers in more locations, providing your customers with the convenience and flexibility they crave.

Small footprint

With a footprint a fraction of the size of traditional self-checkout systems, you can increase customer throughput in more locations while reducing wait times


Supports top receipt printers, payment terminals, and includes customizable bagging and shelving options so you can create your ideal customer experience

Peace of Mind

Give customers peace of mind by deploying self-checkout that can easily be configured to follow social distancing guidelines

Revolutionize Your Checkout Process

Our self-checkout kiosks are proven to reduce wait times and provide a smooth checkout experience for customers and staff alike. With increased choice and flexibility, our kiosks empower your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Sleek & Ergonomic
Friendly Checkout
Safe & Contactless
Secure Payment
Dynamic Interactive Display
Multiple Language Support

Experience fast, easy, safe, and convenient self-checkout with our new Self-Checkout Kiosk.

Go Beyond the Sale

Streamline and future-proof your payment options, from traditional fixed point-of-sale to self-service checkout.

Customer Experience

Higher transaction velocity and efficiency to maximize customer satisfaction.

Faster Checkout Service

Speed up the line while improving order accuracy by eliminating human error.

Reduce Labour Cost​

Your employees can overlook self-checkout stations and assist customers.

Boost Sales

Seamlessly promote up-sell and cross-sell items to entice customers to buy more.

Less Waiting Times

Customers can just walk in, order and pay without needing to wait in line.

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