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Self Ordering Kiosk

Allows your customers to independently place their orders and enabling orders to be sent directly to the kitchen and allowing customers to quickly process their payments without having to wait long.

Scalable & Cost Effective Solutions

Self-service kiosks have allowed the food and beverage industry to make great strides in efficiency and customer service by providing users with an easy-to-use ordering platform.

Customizable branding and an attractive menu display

Ease of use and greater user experience

Intuitive customer journey and flow

Multiple trusted payment gateway integration

How does it work?

Fundamental Food Ordering Kiosk Processes

Keeps lines short, orders accurate, and customers happy with QubePos Self-Ordering Kiosk.



Your customers place their order via the ordering kiosk.



Recommends additional items in which your customers may be interested in.



Your customers make payment themselves.



The order then automatically flows to the kitchen.



Your customers are called when their order is ready to collect.

Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Self-Service Kiosks

Stress-Free Experience

Enhancing the customer experience through an attractive user interface.

Time Saving

Manages queues very well and allows a faster checkout experience.

Improve Order Accuracy

Eliminate the possibility for human error and miscommunication.

Operational Efficiency

Redeploying employees to where they are needed most.

Increase Average Check

Understanding customer purchasing behaviour to increase order frequency.

Targeted Upselling

Easily prompt your customers to top up or add extra orders.

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