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Kitchen Display System

Send orders straight from your POS to the Kitchen Display Screen without needing to shout over the pass.

Helps Your Kitchen Run Smooth Even at Peak Times

Our Kitchen Display System grants greater control in the kitchen by modernizing the way chefs receive orders. Trade messy kitchen tickets for a smooth digital solution that’s intuitive, customizable and simple to use. Kitchen management has never been easier!

Instant Order Sync
Colored Item Indicators
Configurable Display
Preparation Status
Bump Bars

Improve Kitchen Efficiency with Kitchen Display System

No More Lost Orders

Automatically displaying new orders
and sorting them into logical queues

Streamline Orders

Deliver orders straight to the
kitchen from your POS.

Direct Communication

Improve communication with a direct
line between front and back-of-house.

Systematic Display

Items, quantities, modifiers, item and remarks are displayed in one screen.

Clearer Workflows

Quickly move and reroute orders
to a different prep station.

Go Paperless

Reduce paper waste in landfills
by using digital tickets.

How does it work?

Simplify communication between front of house and kitchen staff

Your servers ring up orders in Qube POS, and Qube Kitchen Display System immediately brings them right in front of your kitchen staff eyes, no time wasted.


Order Incoming

Your waiter enters an order into the POS system.


Order Sent

The order appears on the kitchen display.


Order Activated

Order is marked as ‘active’ when chef starts preparing the orders.


Order Served

The order is served immediately once cooked.


Order Upcoming

The next dish will be active when displayed on the screen.

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