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Customer Facing Display

Show customers what exactly they’re paying for while increasing loyalty through an interactive customer facing display at checkout.

Instill Customer Confidence

Things move fast in retail and pricing errors do occur from time to time. Eliminate incorrect purchases or inaccurate pricing by providing your customers with a versatile, customisable screen that creates an elevated experience for your business and your customers.

Customer Facing Display is meant to help you to avoid costly errors by allowing patrons to visually confirm orders and provide customers with a seamless opportunity to engage with your brand.

Customizable Interface

Tailor your experience with a customizable interface that suits your preferences.

Brand & Identity

Allows you select your colors and images to make your POS fit the venue.

Advertisement Panels

Feature special offers, new products, or raise awareness of other info.

Simple Setup

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How does CFD improve your business?

Branding Exposure​

Your brand logo to build a powerful brand recognition in the customer’s mind.

Prevent Disputes

Let your customers see what they’re being charged for to prevent fraud accusations.

Minimize Return & Exchange

Your customers can spot any mistakes immediately before the checkout is finalized.

Upselling Opportunities​

Showcase ongoing or upcoming promotions to drive repeat business.

Extra Revenue

Sell advertising space on the customer display to make some extra revenue. 

Better Checkout Experience​

Helps you to increase sales transparency, and build brand trust naturally.

A Fully Customizable Display

It is your choice to decide what you wish to display to your customers.  Customize the interface according to your preferences – select fonts, colors, background, and product images. Display an idle screen with promotions, offers, or brand identity to real-time transaction details.

Idle Screen

Display rich visuals to communicate brand identity, offers or promotions between transactions or when an employee logged off.

Transaction Screen

Display selected transaction details to the customer in real-time, such as:

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