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Horion M5A Pro

Horion all-in-one interactive display for the meeting and teaching. integrated with a 4K UHD display, dual-system OS, and removable floor stand.

  • Luxury configuration, high performance, all-round upgrade!
  • Dual 4K engines Break through the picture quality limitation
  • 13M pixel camera Clear enough for meetings at various scales
  • Fully reach the parameter indicators innovative improvements in performance
  • New NFC upgrade Implement an appropriate efficiency
  • Evoke the whiteboard with one click of the smartpen
  • Smartphone/PC fast screen casting: Implement audio & video synchronization by one-click
  • Smart Whiteboard
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Smart form
  • Smart search
  • Intelligent flying mouse
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  • 4K UHD screen + 4K user interface, finer display effect, outstanding fine quality of images, texts, and videos, surpass screens of conventional displays, providing vivid sight with every tiny part well presented.
  • Advanced ISP processing technology and algorithms that present clear and real UHD videos and are compatible with various video conference software provide solutions for remote talking with high quality.
  • As the Horion enhanced edition adopts a brand-new mainboard and ARM A73 architecture, it offers ultra-powerful performance, fast response, and excellent computing capability, operating stably under continuous high frequency.
  • Further system upgrades! With the Android 9.0 system and user-friendly operation interface, each application runs smoothly to help you fully.
  • One-touch writing demonstrations and one-touch screen mirroring demonstrations bring an incredibly interactive experience.
  • The touch between the smartpen and the NFC label on the display can evoke the whiteboard instantly, with the next touch returning to the previous interface.
  • The built-in extended screen mirroring function can synchronize audio & video for screen casting.
  • Writing a comment, erasing, zooming in and out, scanning, and taking away is easy and convenient.
  • Erasure by back of hand free movement, two-point scaling, and saving by scanning a QR code.
  • Swipe up to add columns, slide down to subtract columns, swipe right to add rows, swipe left to subtract rows. Simple interaction and control freely.
  • Touch writing, handwriting recognition circle font, click to search Information and the whole network are interconnected.
  • Remote control, one-click call, page-turning guidance, and wireless remote control. Turning the page is easy. Distance is no longer a problem.


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