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POSBANK Magnetic Stripe Reader

The POSBANK Magnetic Stripe Reader is an integrated programmable magnetic card reader for APEXA G terminals. It is highly reliable- being able to read both standard and high coercivity cards (300-4000 Oe) which enables you to use it on different instances depending on how the cards are used.

  • Single, Dual and Triple Track Model
  • Comply with ISO/IEC 7812 Identification Cards
  • Support Multiple Country Code Settings
  • Swipe Cycles: Approximately 500,000
  • Manual Swipe Operation: Bi-direction
  • Support Programmable MSR Setting for the Header, Tailor, Separator, Prefix and Suffix
  • Track Sequence (using Matrix Maker)
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Main Features Manual Swipe operation, bi-direction
Read both normal and high coercivity card (300-4000 Oe)
High Performance, High Reliability
Single, dual and triple track model
Comply with ISO 7812, IBM standards , AAMVA, JIS-2
Support multi-country code settings
Support programmable MSR setting for the header, tailor, separator, suffix and prefix, track sequence (using Matrix Maker )
with metal weigh for balancing during swiping
Life of head Approx 500,000 passes under normal ideal laboratory environment
Error rate Less than 0 .5% under the normal ideal laboratory environment
USB, PS/2 and RS232 are available.
USB exists as a HID device, no need to install any driver.
Technical Specification Reader Performance:
Track 1 : 210 BPI with max 76 characters
Track 2 : 210 BPI with max 107 characters or 75 BPI with max 37 characters
Track 3 : 210 BPI with max 107 characters
Card swipe speed : 10 to 100 cm/s
Configuration Available Configuration:
Dual Track : Track 1 & 2 or Track 2 & 3
Three Track : Track 1, 2 & 3
Support USB, PS/2 interface
Support multi-country code settings
Environment Adaptability Card Operating Speed:
TEST CARD/SPEED (inch/sec)
Normal : 5 – 55 ips
Jitter : 5 – 50 ips
Low Amplitude : 5 – 50 ips
Test card thickness is 0. 76mm +/- 0.08mm (0 030″ +/- 0 003″)
Reliable to re ad Jitter card of magnetic stripes encoded with bit cell length variations within +/-12% as defined in ISO 7811
Reliable to re ad Low Amplitude card of magnetic stripes encoded at 60% or more of the amplitude as defined in ISO 7811
Others Operating Voltage : 5VD +/- 5%
Operating Current : less than 100mA
Operation Temperature : -1 0-50’C
Storage Temperature : -30- 70’C
Operating Humidity : 10-85% RH
Storage Humidity : 10-90% RH
Dimensions : 135 x 47x 45mm

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